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Our Story

We’re a collective that truly believes in beautifully tailored pieces over fast fashion, quality vs quantity, and preserving what we have. 

We also love to travel. Whether it’s a long holiday or quick weekday business trip.

One problem that seems to have no real fix is how to pack our bras? There seems to be no good way to pack a bra, this problem ends up giving me quite a bit of anxiety every time I pack. Every single time. And I say that every single time as I stand over an already packed-suitcase, pondering how to gently jam in a brassiere because they are inevitably the last items I pack.

Bra shapes are peculiar; they are neither malleable nor durable. Anything more complicated than a bralette have all sorts of elements like underwire at play. And, let’s face it, good bras are hard to find, so it’s important to take care of them. 

Care for our delicate undies is what inspired us to develop Brakitty™. Unlike other lingerie travel bags on the market, Brakittys are hard shell and made from water-resistant EVA, this material, while ultra-light weight, serves to protect the structural integrity of the contents contained within. It’s a stylish, yet practical solution, for the modern traveler.