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Ice Cream - Brakitty
Ice Cream - Brakitty
Ice Cream - Brakitty
Ice Cream - Brakitty

Ice Cream

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Made from eco-friendly materials

Recycled cotton threading

Waterproof zipper 

Water-resistant case

Pre-washed velvet lining

Holds up to 5 B-Cups OR 3 C-Cups OR 1 D-Cup




INCHES 12.6" x 6.5" x 4.1"

METRIC 32cm x 16.5cm x 10.5cm

WEIGHT 150 grams (about the weight of a bar of soap)



Care Instructions:

Be careful not to scratch or rub your Brakitty against abrasive surfaces

Do not store your Brakitty in high temperatures above 34C (104F), and keep it away from direct sources of heat, like radiators or in hot cars.

Clean with a soft cloth dampened with slightly soapy water, never use solvent.

Interior velvet is pre-washed but color can still come off when in contact with wet materials.

When not in use, store your Brakitty in the pouch provided with your purchase.